Molding & Trimwork

After working almost exclusively in the trim work realm of carpentry for the last several years, Yes Ma’am has elevated installing crown molding to an art form. We do all kinds of crown molding, any material, style, or size.

Crown Molding

Crown molding is game changer as far as home decor is concerned. Nothing adds as much elegance and style as expertly installed ornamental ceiling to wall trim. From custom hand cutting using a coping saw, to employing the newest technology in the forms of computerized protractors and apps that calculate complex mathematics, to utilizing the best equipment for the job, to keeping afloat with the latest news from the world and trade of the Home Improvement industry, Yes Ma’am leads the field when it comes to crown molding installation.

Custom Trim Work

Custom trim is a great way to meet any or all of these goals when it comes to interior design and turning a cookie-cutter house into a home that reflects your personal style, sophistication, and creativity. You can utilize custom trim products in a variety of ways. For example, custom trim could be added to embellish existing window and door casings, as well as baseboards and crown moulding. It could be used on the sides, tops, bottoms, or front faces of cabinets, bookshelves, and other built-ins.

Base Molding

Use decorative base moulding where walls and floor meet, creating a visual foundation at the base of the wall. Baseboard moulding also helps to protect a wall from bumps or scuffs from shoe kicks, furniture and even the occasional vacuum cleaner.

Window Molding

Molding and trimwork adds style and flair to any part of the home, even windows!

Kitchen Cabinet Crown Molding

One way to give your wall cabinets a finished, polished touch is by getting custom Kitchen Cabinet Crown Molding installed along the top edge. Crown molding helps eliminate the dark appearance of open soffits on wall cabinets and gives them a fine carpentry look.

Door Repair & Install

Although you may not think of them often, doors serve as a critical component of your home’s functionality and aesthetic. If you aren’t happy with their look—or if they are broken in some way—it is crucial that you contact us. Our interior and exterior door installation services can improve the curb appeal and value of your home while also saving you energy by having functioning doors that fit properly.


We can repair and install all kinds of doors, such as:

Interior Doors

Exterior Doors

Sliding Glass Doors

Screen Doors

Storm Doors

French Doors

Pocket Doors

Sliding Barn Doors

Closet Doors

And More!

Home Improvement

With over 15 years experience, Yes Ma’am is well equipped to tackle all aspects of the home improvement industry. But finish carpentry isn’t all we do. We do drop ceiling conversions, finished basements, windows, gut and remodels, bathrooms, tile, flooring, painting and staining, custom decorative painting, built-ins, and more.


You can have the beautiful, classic structure you crave by installing traditional columns in your home. You can use them to hide necessary structural support beams or simply add them decoratively to frame a timeless fireplace, a kitchen island in your open floor plan, a large bathtub, or other features you want to bring visual focus to.

Custom Window Treatments

YMDC can design and build most any wooden window treatment and valance. We specialize in custom window molding systems, including valances with recessed blinds, to recreating the classic Greek Pediment, to elaborate moldings with moving parts to incorporate delicate window treatments. We do all styles, picture frame, windowsill and apron, modern and classic pediments, extension jambs, build-outs, and more.


We provide service in all areas of wainscoting and paneling. We make the decisions easy for you with pictures, in person models, and explanations of the different construction methods between the styles. From quick and easy sheet beadboard to full wood raised paneling to applied molding shadow boxes, call YMDC to transform your home with classic beauty and timelessness.


Yes Ma’am is your decorative remodeling specialist. We can redesign and modernize your entire floor plan or upgrade your home from plain to elegance with a few simple decorative trim changes and tweaks. You’d be surprised how much a little expertise can take things. No project is too small or big.

Custom Woodwork

We excel at the art of turning plain stock material into our own fine custom trim and molding products. Armed with all the specialty tools of trade, we are a mobile mill shop. We hand make furniture parts, staircase molding, mantles, shiplap, shelves, wooden window treatments, built-ins, and more. We work with hardwoods, oak, walnut, mahogany, cedar, poplar and plain pine too.

General Contractor

YMDC isn’t your average nail and hammer, cut and run contractor. We pride ourselves in our honesty and our educated approach to home improvements. We take the time to study the craft to ensure that the work we produce lasts the test of time. We’re always leaning on the cutting edge of all of the new technology and materials of the industry.


Improve Your Attic with Drop Down Stairs At Yes Ma’am Decorative , we know just how important the attic is to the overall efficiency and value of your home. It can play a critical role in your energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and integrity of your roof. However, the attic all-too-often falls into the bucket of “out of sight, out of mind,” which means attics can fall into disrepair—especially when they are difficult to access. This is where our home repair experts can help.If you are sick of having to drag a ladder to the access point every time you want to get into the attic, we encourage you to contact us. We can help install drop down attic stairs that make it easy for you to get into your attic whenever you need. Our professional handyman can also repair an old attic door or replace it entirely with a brand new one if you are looking to spruce up the area. Whatever you need, we can do it!